In early 2019, the multi-disciplinairy team at Perpetuum - known internally as the Global Tree Reforestation Initiative (GTRI) - began to map out a scientific strategy, collaborations and operational plan. Each member brought a unique perspective and skill set to the internal collaboration. Many other colleagues and partners; from business development to human resources to legal to finance — also contributed time and perspective, highlighting the focus on cross-functional partnership that is a hallmark of Perpetuum's culture.

"We had the benefit of a clean slate," said Jeroen H. "We wanted to provide a critical solution to climate change, by engaging in global reforestation projects, using our cutting-edge cloning technology.  We were building on our suite of technologies at Perpetuum and bringing in-house the best external technologies and approaches."


In less than six months, senior management provided input and approved the strategy and initial budget for collaborations, hires, and operations.  The team was off to establish the Perpetuum Foundation VZW, focused on a goal to propagate and ultimately deliver 25 million tree plantlets per year to multiple reforestation initiatives.


"To put that number into context, 25 million coniferous trees would provide for a minimum of 1,500,000 metric tons of carbon emissions reduction."





trees per year


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